Sunday, 18 February 2018

Rende | Calabria

While this year I was finally able to see my boyfriend's home city's old city centre (Cosenza | Calabria), last year during our winter vacation I was able to see his home suburb town's old city centre. I hope someone understood this sentence, because I didn't haha. With Italy it's this thing. The country is divided into different "layers" of administration. Zio explained this really heartily to me last year: First there is Italy, then comes the region (like Calabria), then comes the province (like Cosenza) and then comes the comune/municipality (like Rende - Random in Rende | Calabria). So, my boyfriend originates from Rende, which is a small city really close to the big city of Cosenza. It is that close, that I didn't even realise we left one city to go to another when going by car. Well. He originates from Rende, so today I will show you photos I shot in the old city centre of Rende. Cosenza is his province, so few weeks ago I basically showed you photos of his province's capital's old town centre. WTF. Why is this so hard to write in English? :D

Sidenote: I don't write long posts at the moment, because I am still questioning myself wether I should switch to German or not, but I anyway want to share my photos. My blogging frequency went down already, simply because I am unmotivated to translate my thoughts into English. xD


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