Friday, 16 February 2018

Tropea | Calabria

Last year me and my boyfriend went to Tropea, a city in the province Vibo Valentia in Calabria. Unlike other places in Calabria that I got to know until then, Tropea is a quite touristic spot. It was full of Swedes, British and I guess also Germans (toilet signs were translated into German). That was a quite new experience for me, because Calabria seemed so untouched by tourism to me.

As much as I enjoy tourism (I work in tourism) I enjoy spending my time abroad in places, where you can get in touch with the local culture. Of course, there is also a lot of tourism in Cosenza - even in Roseto Capo Spulico, the place where we always hang. But the tourists coming to that place are all Italian. Great thing for me, because I want to learn Italian. :) When I went to Argentina to learn a bit of Spanish (yeah, I know - they speak dialect), there were way too many people speaking English - even German - I came back home barely able to speak Spanish. So I always enjoy being in the South of Italy. Calabria is not that overrun. Here are my photo impressions of Tropea!

We enjoyed the day having a long walk and eating in a great restaurant. The city itself was really loud and pretty full of people. What I usually dislike in south Italian cities is, that often they don't have a pedestrian zone. Even through the smallest, busiest streets there are still running cars, which for me is highly disturbing. It makes part of the chaotic charme, but it adds so much stress to a simple hangout at a café. Because we went pretty early to Tropea, my first idea was to crab a small coffee and snack as some sort of breakfast and I was so disturbed by the scenery next to our seats. There were cars passing by, hundreds of people bustling and I can simply not handle stress well. My first impression was so bad, but after we had our coffee we had this marvellous walk through the beautifull narrow streets. I fast changed my mind about the first impression! Hope you liked the photos!


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