Thursday, 1 March 2018

Life Update | Montegiordano | Calabria

As the title might explains already: there will be just photos of Montegiordano, but there won't be any big description of the place, simply because I don't know much about Montegiordano (we only go there to grab some fish during summers) aaand... My God! What happened? I totally forgot to take care of my blog! Life was so dramatic lately! xD

I will just give a quick update: I had the tummy flu two weeks ago, afterwards I was steadily feeling better (thanks to my gyno's idea how to treat my hashimoto's disease a bit) and I was using my energy to actually do something, that I always wanted to do, but in the same way told myself I would not be able to do. I am talking about finding a new appartment! No, of course, we haven't found a new appartment in the last few weeks, yet. But first steps were made and I am so proud of myself. Looking at my 2018 goals (you find the post here: Moin 2018!) I did not include looking for a new appartment, simply because I was so scared of the whole procedure. I always saw these articles in magazines and news papers telling of people queuing up in front of the highly desired appartment, thus creating a long snake of humans that is reaching from the flat's door into the backyard. I was simply not ready for that. I was not ready to fight. I was scared.

Well. It's true what the news papers say. We went to see one appartment. We fell in love when we saw it. Exactly what we needed (with two small compromises regarding kitchen and bathroom, but overall a true improvement to our current condition). So we went there. Slightly earlier than the open appointment. But... as a good German fifteen minutes early, doesn't mean early. It means to be right on time. Being on time means you're late. So I thought at least! I was overjoyed to see, that we had only one competitor, when we arrived at the door. The overjoy soon turned into paleness.

Long story short: We saw the flat with 10 other people at the same time. More people were not allowed to come in at that moment. When we left the appartment we were passing the long, long queue. The last person in queue was in the backyard. I pretty much assume, we don't stand a chance. xD


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